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Diana Mora Collage
Diana Mora


Professional ballet dancer, graphic designer and content creator.
To know more specificities and formalities about my work you can find my portfolio
here soon available.

Since I started developping my own artistic projects as an independent classical dancer, I see the necessity of creating a space to display them and reach broader audiences.
Visual Arts, Architecture, indigenous cultures, poetry, Classical Ballet repertoire, folk dances, spirituality, European history, the history of the Global South, Graphic Design, Decolonial practices. All of this is part of the data base that I use to create small choreographic or visual pieces.
Some of them are currently selected (winning 4 awards in total) to be part of dance and music film festivals accross East and Western Europe.
All of my work is centered in the art of movement. In other words, non spoken languages.

Very soon this website will transform in a digital artistic entity based on 
Andean Cosmology principles but expanded into the universality of the Cosmos through the art of movement.



Collage:  © Diana Mora

Diana Mora, ph. Victoria Basel

 As a dancer of color, I never truly felt comfortable in the Ballet industry. But at the same time, it makes me sad to see the art of Ballet slowly disappearing. This is why I created Epistemology of Ballet, which will always be harmoniously connected to my Digital Stage. Tradition and innovation. Saturn and Uranus.

Because some old habbits need to die, but the good ones need to be preserved and expanded into new creative sources.

Otherwise, focusing only on feelings can lead us to segregation.

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