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Studio Alaxpacha is an eclectic creative studio with a focus on Graphic Design, Online Marketing and Visual Poetry. It was born out of my creative necessity of being business-data oriented, but at the same time artistic and spiritual.
I am a bolivian ballet dancer, graphic designer, online marketing manager and cosmic Oracle. I speak four languages: Spanish (mother tongue), French (second mother tongue), English (fluent) and German.
I have danced in stages like Palais des Festivals (Cannes, France) and the Deutsche Oper Berlin.
Ballet and my indigenous heritage have shaped my Graphic Design line and my passion for discipline, results-oriented action and continous improvement.

Diana Mora - founder

These are the fundamental elements of Studio Alaxpacha's marketing approach: 

  • Tailored Design and Strategies 

  • Data-Driven Creativity

  • Engaging Visual Storytelling

  • Results-Driven Strategies

  • Insightful Analytics

  • Brand Authenticity

  • ROI-Focused


"Light can only be understood with the wisdom of darkness"

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