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Ballet, spirituality & visual poetry
Wolken bei Sonnenuntergang


Alaxpacha or Arajpacha (Aymara): it is the dimension where the most sacred spirits are found, those who, for physical reasons, are located farthest from the community. Such as the high peaks of the mountains, the celestial vault, and everything that is found there.


Studio Alaxpacha is a creative and artistic studio that specializes in producing works of art that fuse ballet, spirituality, and visual poetry. Our productions are imbued with a deep sense of purpose, seeking to avoid the Artist Ego and connect with the divine through intense research.

At Studio Alaxpacha, we create visual poetry telling the stories of our deepest shadows, and how that same shadow brought us to the light.

We also offer Spiritual services:

  • Andean Ancestral medicine

  • Tarot & Astrology

As the founder of Studio Alaxpacha, I believe that real healing happens in chaos, in darkness. My premise is that spiritual growth is an alchemical process. Same with Art: if we don't get rid of what is not useful, then we cannot create sacred things. But how do you identify what is not useful, if you don't dare to look into your deepest shadows? After all, we can only value the light through the shadow.



Andean Ancestral medicine

Ancestral indigenous medicine is passed orally from generation to generation by master practitionners. It is taught to those who have a natural inclination or a spiritual calling to preserve the integrity of the ceremonies and rituals. Permission to practice ancestral medicine is granted by the elders (Apus), and it is believed that practicing without their authorization leads to illness or even death.

All our ethical principles come from Indigenous Cosmology. Even when reading Tarot and Astrology.


Tarot & Astrology

We offer Tarot and Astrology readings customized to your specific questions.
Our opening promotion prices start at 55€ per reading.  


Elemental witchcraft, wiccanian methods.

Soon available.


The Team

Souls For Sale.00_03_59_04.Standbild009.jpg
Souls For Sale.00_03_59_04.Standbild009.jpg

Discover the previous work that lead to the founding of Studio Alaxpacha

Gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Programm NEUSTART KULTUR, Hilfsprogramm DIS-TANZEN des Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

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