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AboutDiana Mora


Artistic and Spiritual vision

My artistic and spiritual vision is to select and transform the elements of darkness that need to become light in order to create a dialogue between different worldviews.

My parents were born in poverty, in villages of the North of Potosi, Bolivia. They overcame those obstacles when they discovered the business of Antiques. So I grew up listening to both classical and indigenous music and constantly surrounded by beautiful objects, dancing celebrations and food made with love. Both indigenous and the classical arts have shaped my graphic line and ballet style.

For a long time I have struggled to understand my position in the European Ballet industry because of my unique academic background until I claimed back my identity and healed through the spirituality rooted in Indigenous aymara/quechua Cosmology. I am now certain that art requires disciplined alchemical creative processes, and that the world needs not only poetry, but also concrete messages and communication. 


Professional journey

I graduated as a professional ballet dancer at the Official Ballet School of Bolivia and started immediately to work at the National Ballet Company as a corps de ballet. Paralel to my stage career in Bolivia, I studied Graphic Design in the Universidad Catolica Boliviana. After getting enough professional experience in my homeland, I decided to take the chance of making a career in Europe. I moved then to France, engaged in academic activity in the theory of dance at the Université Charles de Gaulle Lille III, but rapidly prioritized my stage experience. After working at Ballets de France, I moved to Berlin, where I danced at the Deutsche Oper Berlin and pursued then an experimental and creative ballet path. Having visual creative necessities made me start my own projects. My first Ballet-infused visual poem; A poem for Giselle, a poem for a Peasant;  is currently being screened at festivals in Western Europe and the US, winning already several awards. Parallel to my freelance experimental ballet career I developped myself professionaly as a Graphic Designer, crafting print and digital material for Blobel Film. This confirmed my passion for Brand Identity, Corporate Design, and Marketing.
After 15 years of professional experience as a ballet dancer, 5 of those combined with a professional Graphic Design path, I decided to dig deep into my marketing passion and develop strategic, data analytics skills. I am now certified Online Marketing Manager at the Social Media Akademie, Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg.





My visual productions are influenced by indigenous folk culture, antiques, dark academia, and esoteric practices. My curiosity for understanding universal divine laws makes me always dig deep into Ancient cultures and wisdom. For me, the study of the Cosmos is something that can bring humans together. I invite you to explore the energy and precision I bring to every endeavor. Let's connect and create something unique.

Contrary to general beliefs, Ballet has inmense creative potential. Any noble art is based in deep research and structured technique that forces the artist to commit to the search for higher purpose.
My dance films are based in a lot of research, I design the posters and the titles as well as the choreography and concepts.


I am a big fan of colors, maximalism and free expression, but at the same time, I understand what kind of sensitivity Corporate Design implies. Brand identity is for me at the core of Graphic Design, because any well build Marketing strategy will always come from a defined corporate and Brand identiy. 

I. Ballet-infused Visual Poetry

A poem for Giselle,
a poem for a Peasant

Dance film, 08:48 min.
Directed and Produced by Diana Mora & Camilo Correa Costas

Written, Choreographed, and Danced by Diana Mora
Executive Producer: Jurijs Saule
Music: Luzmila Carpio
Camera: Tim Addams & Jurijs Saule
Lights: Rodolfo Briones
Costume: Diana Mora
Editor: Camilo Correa Costas, Jurijs Saule & Diana Mora
Set Photographer: Mauro Arrigada
Assistance: Valerie Lauer & Luana Pignato

Healing colonial wounds implied for me to sometimes drown in regret and sadness. This dance film is about my political desicion to contribute to the dignity of my quechua ancestors, whom I see reflected in all the peasants of Bolivia, and at the same time to honor my own indigenous grandmother and family. Love is stronger and more powerful than what we think.


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II. Graphic Design



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