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"Three ladies, three styles, one dance", Author: Valerie Lauer

"A composition which explores the universal foundation of all dance styles using the Passacaille d'Armide as a template."


..."Diana Mora’s is not an archetypal ballet-dance body. In France, she was shocked to realise that ballet has less to do with Dance and more with the objectification and stratification of bodies. The technicalities required to conform one’s body into a form fit for ballet dancing is stretched to the point where the body is a tool with no soul. And as with every tool, value is ensured by separating the efficient from inefficient, with little room for acknowledging and valorising difference."...

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Hijxs de la rebeldía

"Almost two years after the social outbreak in Chile. A tribute to its citizens and to the First Line. A film shot in Berlin with performances by international artists, the music of Victor Jara and images of the uprising captured by eyewitnesses."

HIJXS DE LA REBELDIA, Germany, 2020/21

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