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Both academic and deconstructive.

Where I come from, Ballet has no real Monarchic heritage.
In fact, even if sometimes some pedagogues want to imitate it, it is almost imposible to detach ballet from the popular dance/music bolivian culture.
Dance and music are essential for the functioning of our society (politicaly and economicaly speaking). This made my understanding of ballet very different from what I have experienced in Europe.


At the same time ballet academism has brought a lot of rationality into my dancing. Classical structure and technique allow me not to stay in subjectivity. Nevertheless it is important for me to acknowlede the serious problems that the ballet culture and education give us. 

Abya Yala is the decolonial name for Latin America, I use it because it respects the borders that Nature has drawn with her mountains, her rivers, her forests. I write some Abya Yala perspectives on my blog, and you can also learn about them on my projects and collaborations.

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