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Diana Mora

Artist statement

Bolivian ballerina, graphic designer and certified Online Marketing manager based in Berlin, Germany.

My dance and visual productions are influenced by my own indigenous folk culture, antiques, dark academia, and esoteric practices. 
Ballet has been my language of expression, because through its academia I found myself transformed not only physically but also spiritualy.

Ballet, the classical arts and the Theater are same sacred to me, as my own indigenous heritage and bolivian culture.

About me

I graduated as a professional ballet dancer at the Official Ballet School of Bolivia and started immediately to work at the National Ballet Company as a corps de ballet. Parallel to my stage career in Bolivia, I studied Graphic Design in the Universidad Catolica Boliviana. After getting enough professional experience in my homeland, I decided to take the chance of making a career in Europe.

I then moved to France, engaged in academic activity in the theory of dance at the Université Charles de Gaulle Lille III, but rapidly prioritized my stage experience.

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After working at Ballets de France, I moved to Berlin, where I danced at the Deutsche Oper Berlin and pursued an experimental and creative ballet path. Having visual creative necessities made me start my own projects, some of them founded by the German government. My first Ballet-infused visual poem; A poem for Giselle, a poem for a Peasant;  is currently being screened at festivals in Western Europe and the US. Parallel to my freelance experimental ballet career I developed myself professionally as a Graphic Designer, crafting print and digital material for Blobel Film. This confirmed my passion for Brand Identity, Corporate Design, and Marketing.

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