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FINAL October - COLOR.00_01_42_18.Standbild004.png
A poem for Giselle,
a poem for a peasant

Dance film, 08:48 min.
Directed and Produced by Diana Mora & Camilo Correa Costas
Written, Choreographed, and Danced by Diana Mora
Executive Producer: Jurijs Saule
Music: Luzmila Carpio
Camera: Tim Addams & Jurijs Saule
Lights: Rodolfo Briones
Costume: Diana Mora
Editor: Camilo Correa Costas, Jurijs Saule & Diana Mora
Set Photographer: Mauro Arrigada
Assistance: Valerie Lauer & Luana Pignato


Healing colonial wounds implied for me to sometimes drown in regret and sadness. This dance film is about my political desicion to contribute to the dignity of my quechua ancestors, whom I see reflected in all the peasants of Bolivia, and at the same time to honor my own indigenous grandmother and family. Love is stronger and more powerful than what we think.

Souls For Sale.00_01_02_26.Standbild012.jpg
Souls for sale

Souls for sale is a collaboration between Jurijs Saule and Diana Mora. It is about the inner struggle of a dancer who, on one side loves her art, but on the other side she needs to break out from the submission that implies being a dancer.

Experimental, Dance film, 07:20 min.
Directed and Produced by Jurijs Saule
Choreographed, and Danced by Diana Mora

I. Ballet-infused Visual Poetry


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II. Graphic Design



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